Group Visits

Group walks and talks

Although the Heritage Centre itself will be closed between June 2017 and June 2018, we continue to run guided tours of the town. These take around an hour, starting at St.Johns Street, continuing to the Market Place, touring the notable buildings on the main streets, stopping off at Church Walk and St Mary’s before passing the Old Grammar School and touring Coldwell Street before returning to the start point.

Education visits

We run half or full day events for schools which can be tailored to suit the individual needs of the children attending. Schools can choose a guided town trail and/or costumed drama workshop, usually on the theme of life for lead-miners and mine owners. These encourage children to use their imaginations to think about the lives and roles of people in the past. They can be tailored to other areas of the curriculum by arrangement.

We use a wide variety of different types of evidence to examine and illustrate the history of the Wirksworth area, and which we can adapt to the needs of your scheme of work. Themes can include:

  • Rich and Poor
  • The Industrial Revolution
  • Leadmining and Quarrying
  • Saxons and Vikings
  • Law and Order

There are cross-curricular links with literacy, numeracy, science, geography, religious knowledge and citizenship issues.

We can offer tailor-made visits to your school for classes in Key Stages  1 and 2 and Key Stage 3. Pick and Mix from Guided Walks, Talks and Costumed Drama Workshops

These can be structured to fit into an hour’s lesson or combined for a half day activity session. We can provide worksheets and suggestions for follow-up work, as required.

For those with sensory difficulties we work with a signing interpreter and an audio describer who may be available by arrangement. We have also developed a sensory walk. We have experience with autistic spectrum conditions and would be happy to adapt an experience to suit your specific needs.


How to book

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